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Frequently Asked Insurance Questions
Do I really need an insurance agent?
There is nothing to be gained by bypassing an insurance agent. Your agent is not just an order taker, but also a licensed professional and an experienced advisor. Most people simply do not know enough about the insurance process, the options available, the various considerations, issues involved, and the details, which go into making an informed insurance buying decision. If you go through an online insurance company, you will not have the personalized service that an agent has to offer.

How do I pick an agent?
Ask your friends, associates, and trusted business acquaintances about their insurance agent. If they have favorable comments and experiences, chances are good that you will be happy with them as well. A good referral is always a good starting point when searching for an insurance agent. Referrals are our best compliment.

How do I pick a company?
Picking an insurance company is much like choosing any other service. Do your homework and shop around, because not every insurance company offers the same kinds of insurance. Some companies specialize in auto and homeowners insurance, others in life and health insurance, while some companies offer almost every type of insurance. If you choose to buy through an Independent agent, they should do the homework for you and put your business with a company that matches your insurance needs.

How large of a deductible should I select?
A deductible is the portion of out-of-pocket expense you must pay before your insurance policy takes over. The answer to this question depends on how much you can afford. If your budget and personal financial situation allows, you might opt for a higher deductible, which usually translates into lower premiums. Your insurance agent can explain deductible options and how they affect what you pay for insurance.

What factors determine the insurance premiums I pay?
How insurance companies determine premiums is a complicated process that involves many factors - risk, loss and claims experience, types of insurance, actuarial data, etc. While insurance companies try to be competitive with other companies, each insurance company makes decisions based on experience, statistical information, and business objectives.

How do I know if the premiums I pay are not too high?
Keep in mind that premiums or price are not the only factors to consider when buying insurance. When comparing insurance policies and premiums, rarely, if ever, will you be able to make a true "apples to apples" comparison because of the many variables that go into making a particular policy. Shopping for insurance based on price alone can be very risky. While one company's premiums may be lower, the policy may not contain all the features and coverages you want or need.

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